Part 1: Encounter your Higher Self

In the first part of the training, you will meet your Self. You enter higher, universal levels and thereby have the opportunity to discover yourself from other perspectives. The facets and structures of your personality are recognized, strengthened and brought into balance. This provides you with inner calmness and mobilizes your inner resources. You bring your personality into balance. Thus strengthening your own power, you can, with your leadership personality, also strengthen the power of others, which enables you to communicate with less biased and fearful people. This is the basis for avoiding burn-out, both for yourself and throughout the corporate organization. You begin using your energy in a more thoughtful and balanced manner. You become able to calmly face the external pressure of our fast-paced society and information-dense economy. Additionally, you gain stability and achieve the ability to recognize and correctly estimate the energy potential of your employees and business partners.


Facing and harmonizing one’s own personality structure
Objective: The holistic, personality-based expansion of your leadership potential
Duration: 7 days
Location: Select business hotels with a relaxing atmosphere

Key topics / content:

  • Increasing sensistivity of your perception and intuition
  • Regenerating your inner strength
  • Balancing all areas of your personality
  • Utilizing your full range of communication skills
  • The key parameters of effective action: basic trust and instinct
  • Reaching your target by emotion-driven motivation and calls to action
  • Increasing your implementation ability through skilled communication
  • Recognizing the potential within yourself and others
  • Synthesizing and optimizing skills
  • Harnessing your emotions to facilitate higher levels of communication
  • Expanding your potential through self-awareness
  • Using the traditional chakras, your inner energy centers
  • Your heart as the center of modern management

This first part of intense Self-experience requires of the participants a high level of concentration. Mainly, all three parts of the training are carried out in the alpha state *. This necessitates that everyday distractions in the form of professional tasks and contacts be avoided.

*State of consciousness that doctors refer to when the brain waves are of a frequency between 8 and 13 hertz. Within that range, you are mentally sharp and at the same time, in complete tranquility.


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