Part 2: Self-awareness creates better leadership

In the second part of the training, the participants experience their own leadership as well as the higher principles of leadership and learn to connect to those principles.
Your personal potential is strengthened and brought in line with your leadership tasks. Furthermore, your charisma and your capacity to concentrate will be heightened. Intuition and the ability to make assessments will be trained, and thus, interactions with other people are facilitated. These skills help you, as a manager to assess the market, projects and partners, thereby optimizing the goal-setting and goal-achievement within your company.

Recognizing and utilizing the higher principles of leadership. Strengthening charisma.
Objective: Expansion of potential through the conscious use of the newly acquired leadership techniques
Duration: 7 days
Location: Select business hotels with a relaxing atmosphere

Key topics / content:

  • The capacity for perception and intuition: revealing resources and implementing them
  • Scanning: realistically assessing situations and business partners
  • The Tao: “Devotion” as modern management tool
  • The person who takes his or her leadership position is unrivaled
  • Achieving and enforcing goals through traditional Samurai techniques
  • Tools and principles of leadership
  • Developing aspects of one’s own leadership
  • Higher principles of leadership
  • Recognizing the way in which the higher principles function within the economy
  • Increasing success and energy by interweaving aspects of leadership

The second part of the training also requires minimal distractions in the form of professional tasks and contacts, leaving participants free to engage fully in the intensive training. The seminar will be held in the alpha state*.

* State of consciousness that doctors refer to when the brain waves are of a frequency between 8 and 13 hertz. Within that range, you are mentally sharp and at the same time, in complete tranquility.


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