Part 3: The new dimension of leadership

In the third part of the training, participants get an even deeper insight into the higher principles of leadership and they come into unity with them.
As a participant, you learn to oversee systems and their interactions. You recognize your own vision, your purpose in the world. By uniting your goals with your overall vision, a highly motivating force is created, like an arrow hitting the target right in the center. The third part of the training reveals the unique essence of every participant, and enables you to intensify your essence.
At the end, you are given a bird’s-eye-view of the entire training. You as leader, understand what you can achieve through combining your essence with the power of your heart and the universal principles.

Overview: Universal laws. Utilizing leadership skills and tasks, specifically for leadership success.
Objective: Identifying and leading systems. Developing visions as a driving force and putting them into practice.
Duration: 7 days
Location: Select business hotels with a relaxing atmosphere

Key topics / content:

  • Opening a new space of vision – one’s own vision
  • The target-driven force through merging of goal and vision
  • Confronting the impacting force of faith
  • The principle of faith
  • The relation between love, perception and recognition
  • The strategy of success
  • Being a pioneer / role model: knitting ideals with idealism
  • Universal leadership through spiritual management

The third part of the training also requires minimal distractions in the form of professional tasks and contacts, leaving participants free to engage fully in the intensive training. The seminar will be held in the alpha state*.

* State of consciousness that doctors refer to when the brain waves are of a frequency between 8 and 13 hertz. Within that range, you are mentally sharp and at the same time, in complete tranquility.


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