The seminar ∞ management through self-awareness

The person who expands her or his usual point of view has the chance to revolutionize his or her life.
This seminar will give you, the participant, the opportunity to get to know a new part of yourself. You get to know yourself and your potential, your body at different levels as well as the universal laws. You experience how important it is to take emotional, spiritual, economic and social relations seriously and to strengthen them, not only in personal but also in professional life.

The seminar participant develops the ability to recognize the potential also in other people and to promote that potential.
By the end of the training, you will be supported by new sources of power. Your newfound clear focus and more concrete vision can also act as a power source for your employees and the entire company. You will have consciously expanded your leadership competence and closely examined it.


elc-Lilie Part 1 – Encounter your Higher Self

elc-Lilie Part 2 – Self-awareness creates better leadership

elc-Lilie Part 3 – The new dimension of leadership